A Brief History

Horpload Works was founded in 2008 with the vision of extracting professionalism from incompetence. Horpload Works strives at putting forward the best in multimedia and brand identity. For many Companies’ a brand is nothing more than a name, but at Horpload Works we show you how to make your brand an identity. An identity not only speaks for who you are but it speaks for what your stand for, your goals and the standards you meet. This clearly displays that at Horpload Works we understand the importance of branding to the productivity of the company through employee pride and customer base retention through a reputation of quality.

Meet The Team

Highly Skilled & Ambitiously Creative
With a natural born passion for creativity and arts Tope Adenola grew up with an inquisitive thirst for knowledge and growth. From a young age he explored his talents in visual and performing arts exuberayting his creativity with growing skills. In the ripe bloom of the technology age Tope began to find greater comfort behind a computer screen exploring the limits of visual arts through graphic media. With triumphs in graphic arts working with and for some of the biggest names in Nigeria, he sought to find his true passion which ended up behind the lens of a camera. With a skill set of a leading graphic designer and creativity of an artist Horpload Works Photography is nothing short of revolution in visual arts encompassed with a lens.

Tope Adenola

Lead Photographer

Fola Awobotu

Production Manager
At the conception of HorploadWorks, Eghosa Ogbeifun acted as a key player in the innovation and direction of the company. Working in partnership with Genius International Concepts making Eghosa Ogbeifun a Co-Director, the fixed focus has been the long term management and marketing strategy for HorploadWorks.

Eghosa Ogbeifun


Our Services

The Horpload Works experience is how we help share our knowledge and experience with you. We show you why we consider ourselves far above industry standards and the different impacts our services can have on the productivity of your business. We work to overcome your expectations and we won’t stop working until you are overwhelmingly satisfied with the end result. This involves using the right tools in the most efficient way, from Aperture to Zoner Edits we have and know the tools of the trade and execute with extra ordinary passion.

Artistic Photography

Documentary, Landscaping, Travel


Commercial Photography

Advertisement, Product placement


Corporate Photography

Branding, Events, Staff Portraits


Fashion Photography

Campaign, Look Book, Runway


Stock Photography

Calendars, Website


Wedding Photography

Pre-Weddings, Engagement, Ceremony


Editorial Work

Blogs, Vlogs, Magazines,


Photo Retouching

Colour Correction, Light Adjustment


Studio Sessions

Facility Rentals, Training


Our Clients